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End of SearcHIV Grant

2019 July 1

The searcHIV project was completed on May 31st, 2019. Even though the grant has ended, many of the ideas and activities will move forward. We started this project with the intention of exploring HIV cure research in the United States, … Read more

CROI 2017 Community HIV Cure Research Workshop Highlights

2017 February 15

By Karine Dubé  Every year, before the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infectious (CROI), HIV treatment and cure advocates gather to discuss updates around HIV cure science. Highlights from the CROI 2017 Community HIV Cure Research Workshop are below. Maureen … Read more

HIV Cure Research Day

2017 January 30

On Monday, December 12, the Durham County Board of Commissioners officially proclaimed December 14 as HIV Cure Research Day. Dr. Allison Mathews reflected on the importance of the day, “HIV Cure Research Day marks the one year anniversary of the … Read more