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The primary focus of the Guangzhou searcHIV team has been to conduct stakeholder interviews. Prior to conducting stakeholder interviews, Qingyan Ma and Zachary Rich finished landscape mapping of the stakeholders. Together they have interviewed more than fifty stakeholders including HIV infected individuals, HIV clinicians, Guangzhou CDC staff and local NGO leaders. As they wrap up conducting interviews they are now conducting preliminary analysis of the interviews. Based on the data they gathered, Qingyan is going to draft a paper about the cultural meaning of HIV cure in China and another paper about stakeholder analysis of acceptable risk for clinical trials of HIV cure. Zack is working on a project investigating treatments advertised online as being able to cure HIV. There is increasing HIV cure research in Guangzhou, including impending HIV cure clinical trials and the cure research of integration of Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Qingyan and Zack will continue their work as the HIV cure research goes on in Guangzhou.

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