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The Triangle Region of North Carolina is a hub for HIV and HIV cure-related research. The searcHIV team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is capitalizing on the world-class research and other efforts in the area by conducting a stakeholder analysis among researchers, clinicians, research participants, community-based organization members, and others. To do so, we are conducting in-depth interviews with these stakeholders on their thoughts and perceptions about HIV cure and HIV cure-related research. For instance, in our work with human participants in HIV cure-related clinical research, we hope to get a better sense of what motivates individuals to participate in research and how they perceive the potential risks and benefits involved. Working with other stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical representatives, insurance employees, and community advisory board (CAB) members, we would like to gain an improved understanding of the intended and unintended consequences that an eventual cure for HIV might bring.

By including in our project such a wide variety of individuals involved in HIV work in the Triangle area, with such a diverse range of perspectives, we intend to acquire a rich, contextually-informed understanding of the present state of HIV cure research. These perspectives have the potential to inform the practice of clinical HIV cure research now and in the future.

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