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photo_ShanQiaoShan Qiao, a PhD in the Department of International Health in Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, now works as a post-doc fellow in the Pediatrics Prevention Research Center in Wayne State University School of Medicine. With an academic background of sociology and anthropology, Shan’s research interest focuses on health education and health promotion, program implementation and evaluation. Shan has extensive experiences among children affected by HIV/AIDS, adolescents in communities with high prevalence of drug use, female sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. She has close collaborations with Mercy Corps, Nike Foundation, Henan University, and the CDC in China. Shan’s recent research interests include HIV disclosure and stigma, social relationships and HIV cure, and big data implications in HIV cure studies.

Shan Qiao, Ph.D.
Post-doc Research Fellow
Pediatric Prevention Research Center
Wayne State University School of Medicine
4707 St. Antoine, Suite W534
Detroit, MI 48201-2196

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