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benjamin-meier-2014Dr. Meier’s interdisciplinary research—at the intersection of international law, public policy, and global health—examines human rights frameworks for global health governance.  Advancing rights-based frameworks for public health, he has written and presented extensively on the development, evolution, and implementation of human rights – serving as a consultant to international organizations, national governments, and nongovernmental organizations.

Research Areas

Theoretical Advancement

Policy Application

Empirical Research

Dr. Meier will be on research leave during the 2016-2017 academic year, during which time he will be developing a book on Global Health & Human Rights (with Oscar Cabrera and Lawrence Gostin), editing a volume on Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World (with Lawrence Gostin), and finalizing a project on Assessing Foreign Public Health Legal Landscapes to Facilitate Achievement of U.S. Global Health Security Goals (with FHI 360 and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

For more information about Dr. Meier’s research, please see his curriculum vitae.

Prospective graduate students should consult the PhD requirements in the Department of Public Policy and contact Dr. Meier to discuss dissertation projects at the intersection of global health and human rights.

Ben Meier Benjamin Meier

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