searcHIV is a multi-site, multi-disciplinary working group focusing on investigating the biosocial implications of curing HIV infection.

We have 3 aims for this project:

  1. Develop a theoretical framework about HIV cure research and early implementation using historical, conceptual and ethical data.
  2. Determine HIV cure stakeholder perspectives on cure research and early implementation.
  3. Develop crowdsourcing contests to promote stakeholder engagement focusing on the social and ethical implications of HIV cure research.
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We have 3 project sites:


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Recent Blog Posts

Magic Johnson is not HIV cured. He takes his ART meds like everyone else.

9 HIV Cure Myths Debunked

Posted 1 day ago

9 HIV Cure Myths Debunked by Allison Mathews, PhD A few months ago, a man living with HIV reached out to the 2BeatHIV project to learn more about HIV and HIV cure research. The 2BeatHIV project is a research project … Continued


CROI 2017 Community HIV Cure Research Workshop Highlights

Posted 2 months ago

By Karine Dubé  Every year, before the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infectious (CROI), HIV treatment and cure advocates gather to discuss updates around HIV cure science. Highlights from the CROI 2017 Community HIV Cure Research Workshop are below. Maureen … Continued


HIV Cure Research Day

Posted 3 months ago

On Monday, December 12, the Durham County Board of Commissioners officially proclaimed December 14 as HIV Cure Research Day. Dr. Allison Mathews reflected on the importance of the day, “HIV Cure Research Day marks the one year anniversary of the … Continued

(From left) Kimberly Knight, Allison Matthews, and Liz Kelly from the searcHIV team at the meeting

Report from the NIH Strategies for an HIV Cure Symposium

Posted 3 months ago

The NIH Strategies for an HIV Cure Symposium in Bethesda, MD from November 14-16, 2016 marks the inaugural organizational meeting for six research sites that were awarded funding by the NIH to be a part of the Martin Delaney Collaboratory … Continued

Leprosy Cures and Patients’ Expectations

Posted 4 months ago

by Dr. Raul Necochea & Dr. Adam Gilbertson, Dept. of Social Medicine, UNC School of Medicine Cure research has long raised and troubled the expectations of people afflicted by infectious diseases. Prior to the 1940s, Hansen’s disease (leprosy) was an … Continued


IAS 2016 HIV Cure Research and Community Highlights

Posted 8 months ago

By Karine Dubé  The IAS 2016 meeting was held in Durban, South Africa in July 2016. The IAS 2016 Towards an HIV Cure Research Symposium included a social sciences panel for the first time and the main conference featured talks … Continued

Meredith blog

2BeatHIV goes to TEDxDurham

Posted 9 months ago

By: Meredith Blumberg, 2BeatHIV Intern, UNC-CH Health Policy and Management Major I love watching TED Talks; I find it fascinating to learn about such varied, yet similarly inspirational, topics through short presentations. However, my past viewing of TED Talks had been … Continued


HIV Cure and Health Policy

Posted 11 months ago

by Joseph Tucker, MD, PhD and Adam Gilbertson, PhD HIV cure research has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past ten years. There is no doubt about the progress in terms of laboratory science and overarching strategies. But how … Continued

Stuart Rennie

Q&A : How close are scientists to a cure for HIV?

Posted 2 years ago

searchHIV Q&A Answered by Dr. Stuart Rennie What is clear is that there is currently unprecedented excitement surrounding the possibility of a cure for HIV. Funding devoted specifically to HIV cure research is increasing, and there is more HIV cure … Continued


For general questions or inquiries about the searcHIV Working Group, please contact Adam Gilbertson, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, at or 919-428-5635.